Not misplaced

“Thanks for good-quality content printed on good-quality paper,” writes comrade OG - although she confesses she’s “still not sure about the colour though”.

But, whether or not our full-colour front and back pages have added something extra to the Weekly Worker or are ‘just a waste of money’ - as one or two comrades thought when we introduced them a couple of years ago - OG is happy to add an extra £15 to her annual subscription cheque.

In fact hers wasn’t the only cheque - there was also one from TS, for an even more generous £50, and three PayPal donations - from DN (£25), CP (£15) and PM (£10). They were among the 3,370 online readers we had last week.

Finally, there were five standing orders totalling £277 from SK, GT, DC, PM and SS, all of which helped to swell our fighting fund by £392 over the last seven days. And that takes the total for October up to £1,487, which means we still need £263 in five days if we are to reach our £1,750 target.

I’m confident we can do it - but only if a few more comrades click on that PayPal button or, better still, make a bank transfer to account number 00744310; sort code 30-99-64. I’d love you to demonstrate that my confidence is not misplaced!