Needed in two days

Be quick to donate, says Robbie Rix

This week saw three large donations, which helped take our fighting fund nearer our £1,750 target for September. But there are only two days left, so we could really do with some more of the same!

The donations in question consist of PM’s standing order for £100, the £50 bank transfer from RK and the £75 cheque from EW. The last-named comrade writes: “You are the only serious publication when it comes to a genuine working class politics outlook”, but, to be honest, I think that might be overdoing things - although we’ll accept the praise (and the cash!).

There were other standing orders amounting to £70, plus two PayPal gifts for £5 from regular donors JW and PM - they were among the 2,781 who read the Weekly Worker online last week. Finally there was the £24 handed over in cash by London comrades, which took the money raised since last week to £327 and the total for September to £1,519.

Which means we have just two days to close the £231 gap between that sum and the £1,750 we need. That in turn means that comrades need to act speedily if you’re to see us over the line. Please click on the PayPal button on our website or - better still, since it avoids any fee or commission - make a bank transfer (sort code: 30-99-64; account number: 00744310).

We need your help - quick!