Back on course?

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

After the first week of our April fighting fund we have received exactly £350 towards our £2,000 monthly target.

Most of that results from the usual batch of standing orders received at the start of each month - there were 16 of them, ranging from £5 to £50 - thank you, comrade AC, for that last one. Also worth a mention are the SOs from FK (£35), CG (£30), II and SJ (£20 each).

On top of that there were three PayPal contributions, with comrade DB at the top of the list with his monthly £50 contribution. Mind you, I see he took a break in March, so I’m pleased to see he’s back on track once again!

Well, £350 isn’t bad, but we’re a bit behind where we need to be, if we’re going to reach that £2K landmark. And we really need to, having missed out in both February and March, giving us a combined deficit of £296 for those two months, which more than wipes out the January surplus of £183. In other words, to get back on course, what we need is an extra £100-plus coming our way this month.

Of course, the fact that we’re still not printing because of the pandemic reduces our costs quite considerably. But we could really do with upgrading our office - once we’re able to get back in there together again! So please do your bit for the only weekly paper fighting for a single Marxist party which unites the revolutionary left on a principled, democratic basis!

Robbie Rix