Big spurt

We need to sprint over the line, says Robbie Rix

That’s more like it! After a couple of disappointing weeks, our fighting fund for November picked up considerably last week, with a total of £457 coming in. However, while that takes us up to £1,178, we still need just shy of £600 in only five days.

The Weekly Worker relies on donations from supporters and readers - the fighting fund is easily our biggest source of income. Of course, all of our team are unpaid volunteers, so we don’t have a wages bill to think about. But we do have to cover the costs of printing, mailing out the paper every week and running our office - none of them cheap! That’s why we need £1,750 every month - and why we hope you’ll help us get there by 5pm on Monday November 30.

Once again the biggest block of donations came in the form of standing orders, worth just under £300. Thanks very much to SK, PM, ML, DT and RC for their contributions big and small. Then there were two bank transfers - from PM (£70) and BL (£20) respectively. By the way, the second comrade was wondering why I didn’t mention his donation last week (sorry - I forgot about it!), so I promised he would get pride of place this time - and you can’t say I’m not a man of my word.

In addition we received two cheques - both KD (£20) and LC (£10) added a little something to their subscription. And finally there were the same number of PayPal donations - thanks go to JN (£25) and TF (£20). They were two of our 3,611 online readers last week.

But now we need a big spurt to take us over the line by next Monday. Please either send your cheque straightaway or make use of the internet. Click on the PayPal button on our website or (better still, as we don’t pay a commission!) transfer us your gift using your online bank account. Help us get there!