What I call debate

Despite some brilliant last-minute donations, unfortunately we just failed to reach our £1,750 fighting fund target for February.

Four different comrades contributed £50 - CT wrote a cheque, MN made a bank transfer and both DG and JT came up with their usual standing orders. The other SO donors were SS and GT (£15) and AR (£10), while VD chipped in via PayPal with a useful £25. Finally a second cheque (for £20) came our way from comrade BD, who writes: “Last week’s was one of the best issues I can remember. That’s what I call debate!”

And, of course, debate is essential, because it’s the only way we can arrive at agreement on what needs to be done and how. That’s why it’s prioritised by the Weekly Worker, both on our letters pages and in full-blown articles.

Unlike some other left newspapers, we rely entirely on our readers and supporters to make sure we come out every week. Take L’Humanité, for instance, the French Communist Party daily. According to the Morning Star, it’s “fighting for its survival”, because the ministry of culture has reduced its “subsidies”. Would you believe it? In 2016 L’Humanité received €2.6 million in “state support”. Apparently the Parti Communiste Français had actually campaigned for such subsidies.

And, unlike the PCF, we know that state financing always comes at a huge cost. We are proud that we don’t get a penny from such sources in any form - in that way we can ensure our total independence and freedom to write exactly what we believe and not hold back on any form of debate.

Anyway, the total donations this week came to £285, so we end February with £1,685 received for the fighting fund - that’s £90 we need to make up next month. Well, at least March has three more days for us to get there! Please do your best to help us make sure we do it.

Robbie Rix