As I predicted last time, there was quite a contrast between this week and the previous two in our attempt to raise £2,000 for May’s fighting fund.

To be precise, while we started the week with just £492 in the kitty, we’re coming out of it with no less than £1,257. In other words, our running total increased by a fantastic £765 in just seven days!

The main factor - but by no means the only one - behind this is those generous standing orders that always come our way this time of the month. In particular, three of them were for double-figure sums: thank you, comrades SK, KB and PM. But there were other SOs worth mentioning too: eg, MM’s £75, GB’s £50 and TR’s £50. Not bad at all!

Then there were three PayPal contributions from regular donors: £60 from GB, £25 from US comrade PM and £15 from MD. But, unsurprisingly, nothing came in by post - during the lockdown, comrades tend to use the internet much more, of course.

Let me say also that, of all those who pay their subscription to receive the print edition of the Weekly Worker by either standing order or PayPal, I don’t think there’s been one who’s cancelled it! Of course, all subscriptions will be automatically extended, once we start printing again, so those who’ve paid in advance for six months or a year won’t lose out.

But this says something about how much we’re appreciated, I think. And that, as I pointed out last week, is continuing to be reflected in the more-than-useful debates that are taking place on our letters pages. But we’re not satisfied with things as they are - we’re more ambitious than that. We intend to increase the quality (and hopefully quantity) of our content, especially once the print edition is back in circulation.

That’s why every penny we get for our fighting fund is valued, and why we need to reach that £2,000 target every month. We need another £743 in the last 10 days of May. Can you help us get there?

Robbie Rix