Two days left!

As the end of the month approaches, once again we have not reached our £2,250 fighting fund target. But the difference is, of course, that there are still two days to go and we have £2,022 in the kitty,

In other words, we need to raise another £228 in those two days - and we really must get there this time, following a number of failures to do so in recent months. There are two ways you can help us get that money in time: either by PayPal via our website (weeklyworker.co.uk/worker/donate) or - better still, as there are no costs deducted - by bank transfer (to account number 00744310, sort code 30‑99‑64).

Please follow the example of this week’s donors. Best of all was comrade JC, who made a £70 transfer. Then there were GT (£35), JT (£25), DG (£20), OG (£14) and TT (£6) - all of whom contributed either by bank transfer or standing order. In addition AR also made a £5 transfer, although in his case it was matched by a PayPal donation for the same amount! Another PayPal donor was regular contributor DB, who made his usual £50 monthly donation, while comrade Hassan chipped in with a £20 note. All good stuff!

But now we really must do the necessary by Friday June 30 - please make sure that this time we crash through that £2,250 barrier. You have two days left, comrades!

Please don’t disappoint me - we really must get back on track. Just a handful of comrades who log on to their online bank account or make a PayPal transfer would do it for us, but please do one of those two things as soon as you can after reading this!