The big catch-up

Whereas last week I reported that a mere £95 had come in over the previous seven days, you’ll be pleased to hear that our fighting fund running total has shot up by a fantastic £980 since then. Yes, more than 10 times what we got last week!

True, I had predicted something a lot better this week, but not quite that much! Of course, as I pointed out in last week’s column, the seven days we’ve just passed through are always the most productive of the month, mainly because that’s when the most generous standing orders come our way. There were six of them last week, totalling a tremendous £665 - thank you, comrades TR, KB, MM, GB, PM and SK.

On top of that three comrades made a bank transfer, including JC - another one who came up with a three-figure donation (£100). The other two were PB (£60) and GS (£20). Then there were two PayPal contributions - thanks go to MW (£20) and MD (£15).

Finally, we also received some cheques. As I pointed out last week, the lockdown has affected our postal delivery, which means that we don’t necessarily get cheques and postal orders as quickly as before. But in the last batch of mail there were three of them - from RG (£50), OG (£30) and DL (£20).

So our fighting fund for April now stands at £1,537, so we need another £463 in just a week if we’re to reach that often elusive £2,000 target. It’s true that because we’re not printing, of course, our expenses are currently not so great, but we’re hoping to make use of any extras to upgrade our office equipment. We have already purchased three new computers. 

Robbie Rix