Party & Programme

End the cycle of splits

24 May 2012

If the left is to build a serious political organisation it will have to facilitate internal dissent, writes Mike Macnair. And that will require both majorities and minorities to act responsibly

CPGB and the miners

09 Jul 2020

Get to your posts!

02 Jul 2020

Tragedy of Sylvia Pankhurst

19 Jun 2020

Cowardice and opportunism

11 Jun 2020

Lindsey German has refused to withdraw the implication that the Stop the War Coalition will not associate itself with those expelled from Labour. Tony Greenstein reports

Welcome the CPGB

11 Jun 2020

‘A Labour Party with a communist mind’

04 Jun 2020

Behind the aircraft

04 Jun 2020

The left is in danger of playing a conservative role over Covid-19. Our aim should be to set the agenda, argues Mike Macnair

Labour Party debate

28 May 2020

Call for affiliation

21 May 2020

The importance of being programmed (part 3)

21 May 2020

When it comes to political principles, writes Jack Conrad, broad is bad, mass is good

Answerable to the party

15 May 2020

The importance of being programmed (part 2)

15 May 2020

The so-called transitional method relies on economism and spontaneity. Jack Conrad makes the case for Marxist politics

Transcending convention

07 May 2020

Neil Davidson: October 9 1957-May 3 2020

The centrality of hegemony

07 May 2020

150 years after his birth, how to evaluate Lenin and his ideas? Lars T Lih emphasises his consistency

The importance of being programmed

07 May 2020

Without a comprehensive, fully worked out programme there is no road map to socialism and beyond. Jack Conrad begins a short series of articles

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