Party & Programme

End the cycle of splits

24 May 2012

If the left is to build a serious political organisation it will have to facilitate internal dissent, writes Mike Macnair. And that will require both majorities and minorities to act responsibly

A Gaza election?

11 Jul 2024

The low turnout and lack of enthusiasm for Labour could not prevent a Tory bloodbath on July 4. Paul Demarty examines the results, and warns of the right’s hidden strength

Online Communist Forum, Sunday June 23 5pm

20 Jun 2024

No time to waste

20 Jun 2024

How to react to the upcoming election of the most rightwing Labour government ever? Recreating Corbynism is no solution, argues Max Shanly. We need something more

Programme makers

13 Jun 2024

Without the working class organising itself into a political party there can be no chance of socialism. But, argues Jack Conrad, without a comprehensive, fully worked-out programme, that party has no chance of taking coherent form, guarding against opportunism or navigating the road to socialism

Illusion springs eternal

13 Jun 2024

A Starmer government will supposedly trigger a ‘crisis of expectations’. But, asks Carla Roberts, how can it? With promises of financial responsibility and keeping to Tory spending limits, popular expectations are almost non-existent

Rising above the smog

06 Jun 2024

Dual power and the mass strike is a failed strategy that directly leads to today’s endlessly fragmented ‘far left’. Instead we need a mass Communist Party and a strategy of republican democracy. Mike Macnair replies to Steve Bloom

Breaking the grip of Zionism

06 Jun 2024

There is a way out of the hell into which the Palestinian masses have been consigned by Israeli settler‑colonialism. Jack Conrad presents the communist solution

Continuing a conversation

30 May 2024

‘Bourgeois democracy’ is democratic and also undemocratic. But the term correctly captures the class nature of a particular form of state, insists Steve Bloom

Muddleheaded Labourism

30 May 2024

Vincent David of the Spartacist League central committee says any Labour vote is “crossing the class line” - even in the absence of an alternative left candidate. Instead he urges everyone to join Tusc’s dead-end Labour Party mark two project

Sir Keir’s little helpers

30 May 2024

Behind the kitsch leftwing decoration there is anti-anti-imperialism, defence of Zionism and the aiding and abetting of the ‘anti-Semitism’ witch-hunt. Mike Macnair looks at one of those confessional sects calling for a blanket Labour vote

Interview with an opportunist

09 May 2024

Sahra Wagenknecht offers no real alternative to global capital, argues Paul Demarty. But moralism is no response

Another sect is rebranded

09 May 2024

Carl Collins looks at the factors behind the shift from clause four Fabianism to the Madison Avenue ‘communist turn’

Local election barometer

09 May 2024

Things are on course not for a hung parliament, but a thumping Labour majority. As for the left, apart from George Galloway’s WPB, the results were statistically and politically almost irrelevant. Mike Macnair says the way forward lies with principled unity which will allow for effective mass work

Debating with Oehlerites

09 May 2024

With the general election fast approaching, Eddie Ford reports on the Online Communist Forum debate. While the Spartacist League fetishises opposition to the person of Sir Keir Starmer and throws in its lot with the Tusc opportunist lash-up, the CPGB emphasises communist unity as the only serious route towards mass work

Applying Bolshevism globally

25 Apr 2024

Comintern came into existence because of, on the one hand, the treachery of most of the social democratic parties and, on the other hand, the inspiration provided by the Bolsheviks and the October Revolution. However, as Jack Conrad explains, the main problem encountered in the early years was leftism - not least when it came to electoral strategy and tactics

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