Help us out

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

The start of July has, as usual, seen a large number of standing orders and other bank transfers arrive in the Weekly Worker account. This time the first seven days have seen 19 of them, varying from £5 to £50 (thanks for that last one to comrade AC).

Other nice, handy donations were from FK (£35), CG (£30), GD and BO (£25), and finally MD, DL, SJ and II, who all came up with their usual £20. The other 10, more modest, contributions were not, of course, to be sneered at, since between them they amounted to exactly £100! So thank you too, comrades YM, DI, MT, TM, PBS, BG, AN, MM, LW and SM.

On top of that there were two PayPal donations, both for £10, from MH and BH, which means that altogether the first seven days of July saw us £365 better off. Of course, our monthly fighting fund target is £2,000, so that’s a bit below the going rate, but nevertheless it gets us off to a nice start.

What all this shows is how much we are appreciated by our readers. As comrade FH writes, when taking out a new subscription, “I’ve been reading the Weekly Worker online for a couple of years now, but, now I’ve got a new job, I reckon I should start paying something!”

Well said, comrade! But we need others to follow suit. Yes, please take out a subscription like FH, but feel free to add a monthly bonus to help us out!

Robbie Rix