Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

Despite some very useful donations over the last seven days, we are lagging well behind where we ought to be, if we’re going to make that £2,000 fighting fund target for February.

Let’s start with the good news. First there was a fantastic £170 transferred to the Weekly Worker account from KB - brilliant, comrade! Then there were monthly standing orders from MM (£75), PB (£60) and TR (£40), plus the regular PayPal contributions from RL (£50) and US comrade PM (£25).

All that comes to £420, which is a little below the going rate for a single week, but the running total for the month stands at just £764. Added to which, this is the shortest month of the year, which means that we now have just 11 days left, as I write, to raise the £1,236 we still need. Quite a challenge!

Despite that, I think we can do it! Partly that’s because I know there are a few substantial standing orders still in the pipeline, although they won’t be anywhere near enough to get us over the line on their own. But the main reason for my confidence is the support and gratitude I know we enjoy from so many of our readers - very rarely have they let us down over the last year or so.

A good part of those readers know they can count on the Weekly Worker for its coverage of what matters to them: the organisation of the working class movement. Not all of them agree with our call for Marxist unity in a single, principled, democratic party - or, if they do, may think ‘now is not the time’, and so on. But they appreciate our commitment to openness, on telling it like it is.

But now they need to put their money where their mouth is! We can do it, comrades.

Robbie Rix