High note

Will you keep smashing that target, readers?

Our November fighting fund ended with a surplus of £110 after an extra £35 came in over the last two days (thanks to VP, JC, RL and PO), taking the total for the month to £1,860.

That’s good news, but we could really do with ending the year on a high note too. And we’ve got off to a good start - thanks mainly, of course, to all those standing orders that come our way at the beginning of each month. There were 18 of them in the first five days, ranging from £5 to £40. Two comrades paid the higher amount (MS and EW), while another four (SW, AC, ST and CG) forked out £30.

In total the SOs came to £325, while we also received two cheques - an excellent £50 from comrade CT and the £40 that LC added to his subscription. Finally US comrade PM paid his usual £15 by PayPal, while occasional donor Hassan handed a £10 note to a London comrade.

So after just five days we already have £440 towards our £1,750 target. Obviously, if things continued at the same rate, we would end up with well over two grand, but unfortunately that’s not the way things work. As I said, a large proportion of our standing orders arrive during the first week, which means that the running total rises much more slowly after that.

So what we rely on to keep us above target - failing a sudden influx of new donors, of course - is a few substantial gifts like those two cheques this week. The only weekly paper that campaigns for a single, democratic-centralist Marxist party in Britain, united on a principled basis, could do with your help!

Robbie Rix