Keep it coming people

So far the signs are good for the successful achievement of our target for October’s fighting fund. We need to raise £1,750 each month over and above our income from sales and subscriptions, and to date we have £619 after just 10 days. So we’re over a third of the way there with a third of the month gone.

But I’m not taking anything for granted. I know that the third week of the month is usually the least productive when it comes to standing orders, for instance.

Talking about which, there were seven of them this week, all of them ranging between £10 and £30. My thanks to CG, FK, DV, GD, HN, SM and BL. Meanwhile, comrade BB made a bank transfer of £30. For some reason, he hadn’t been receiving his Weekly Worker, so has asked for the back copies. And that £30 was “to thank you in advance for helping me out”! There’s generosity for you.

The same applies to AN. He asked for an error to be corrected in the letter we recently published from him - and apparently that’s worth no less than £50(!), which he paid by PayPal. Brilliant, comrade. And thanks too to comrade FT, who donated £10 using the same method.

Finally, there were two cheques - from KC (£20) and RN (£10) - all of which took this week’s total to £329. So we still need exactly £1,031 in a day less than three weeks. You can do it.

Robbie Rix