Ups and downs

The last week has had them, says Robbie Rix

Not a good week for our fighting fund, I’m afraid - just a couple of donations on top of the usual standing orders. One of them - a handy £50 cheque from JF - was particularly welcome, while the £10 PayPal contribution from KL (one of 2,965 internet readers last week) was also appreciated.

Together with standing orders - six regular gifts ranging from £5 to £25 - they gave us £155 to add to our running total for April, which now stands at £520. But that is well below where we need to be if we are to reach our £1,750 target by the end of the month - according to my calculations we should be on £758 by now if the flow of donations came in at an even pace. But, of course, things don’t work out like that - there are ups and downs. And I just hope that this week has been a particularly bad ‘down’. Anyone like to help allay my fears?

How about following the example of JF? His letter accompanying his cheque contained this gem: “You must be fed up of people saying, ‘Keep up the good work’, so I’ll just let this cheque speak for itself!” It has, comrade, it has. Mind you, I don’t object at all if readers tell us what it is they like (and even what they don’t like) about the Weekly Worker. Constructive criticism is always useful.

Robbie Rix