Touching distance

Robbie Rix wants to see that target smashed

I was obviously worrying over nothing earlier in the month. Despite (or perhaps because of!) my fretting a couple of issues ago, the last two weeks have taken us within touching distance of our £1,750 fighting fund target for October. We are on an impressive £1,671 - just £84 needed with six days still to go.

The two biggest benefactors this week were regular donors SK and PM, who stomped up £230 and £100 respectively. Other standing orders came from DC (£12) and PM (£10), while PBS added an extra £40 to his annual £60 subscription, writing a cheque for a nice round number!

On top of that, three out of our 2,610 online readers over the past week did their bit by clicking on the PayPal button - thanks especially to DS for his generous £50, and to KM and VN for their useful tenners. All in all, £462 was added to October’s fund, which means that we should really try to make up for the shortfall accumulated over the first eight months of the year. In September we ate into it a little bit, exceeding the target by £96, which means we could still do with another £538 over and above the monthly £1,750 by the end of the year.

How about getting it all back with two months to spare? There’s plenty of time to send a cheque, but much quicker is PayPal or - better still - a bank transfer (no fees for either party). Our account number is 00744310 and our sort code 30-99-64.

Let’s make sure we smash right through that £1,750 target this month.