Double, not quits!

In sharp contrast to last week, the Weekly Worker fighting fund shot up by a very substantial £809 over the last seven days, taking our running total for October up to £1,370 towards our £2,250 monthly target. Well done, everybody!

Two comrades in particular stand out for their generosity - by coincidence they both contributed exactly the same amount: a fantastic £170. In the case of PB, it seems this originated in a misunderstanding - she thought her £70 monthly standing order had been cancelled and so paid us £100 by way of compensation. But the very next day that £70 landed in our account - although PB insisted we can keep both payments. Thanks, comrade - and to comrade KB too, the donor of the other £170!

Then there were two other £100 payments - from comrades GB and BK. When it comes to BK, by the way, in order to encourage other donors, he’s promised to match any monthly excess to the fighting fund over the next few months, up to an overall maximum of £500! In other words, if you fancy contributing, what you donate might be doubled! Excellent stuff.

Other standing orders/bank transfers came from MM (£75), TR (£40), CG (£24), SS (£15), CS and JL (£10 each). Meanwhile, US comrade PM (£50), together with TB (£30) and MZ (£10), made their donations via PayPal. Finally, comrade Hassan handed his usual fiver to one of our comrades.

So now we need another £845, with (as I write) 13 days of the month left. We can definitely do it. Please send us a cheque, make a bank transfer (sort code 30-99‑64, account number 00744310) or click on that PayPal button on our website (weeklyworker.co.uk/worker/donate).

Let’s see if we can exceed that £2,250 target for October, and then it’ll be a case of ‘double’ (not ‘quits!), thanks to comrade BK!