Welcome back!

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

It goes without saying that our readers are delighted to get the Weekly Worker back in their hands, now we’ve finally resumed printing.

Just before he’d received his copy, comrade AN emailed to say: “I am so pleased the WW is being printed again and am really looking forward to reading it properly - ideally outside in the sun! Each edition carries a wealth of superb analysis and insights, and really energises me week by week to keep on fighting. The WW has continued to be available electronically, without fail with the same high standards and often with even more content. Welcome back!”

Just to emphasise his satisfaction, AN made a £50 transfer via PayPal! By coincidence that was the same amount comrade BB donated by bank transfer, which was “to express my delight at finally getting my hands on a physical copy of the paper again!” Someone else who made a bank transfer was comrade GB, who contributed no less than £200!

Meanwhile, other comrades who made a donation via PayPal were MD (he says he’s setting up a standing order too, but has contributed £12 as a starter!), plus MH and BH (£10 each). Finally there were the existing standing orders from AC (£50), CG and NH (£30 each), BO, GD and DV (£25), LM (£15) and SM (£10).

All that came to £542 over the last seven days, taking our running total for June up to £702. The monthly target is £2,000, so that’s not too bad after just nine days.

But I can’t stress enough how our costs have now shot up. We really must make that £2K as an absolute minimum, this month especially. So if you too want to express your satisfaction, you know what to do!

Robbie Rix