March success

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

As I reported last week, with one day still to go, we had just passed our £2,250 fighting fund target for March. But the question was, how much could we eat into the £250 deficit from February in that final day?

Well, I’m pleased to say that one comrade in particular did his best to help us get there: JC made a brilliant £100 bank transfer, while there were also standing orders from MD (£25) and VP (£10). So we ended the month on exactly £2,400 - in other words, a surplus of £150, leaving just £100 remaining from the previous month’s deficit.

But I’m pleased to say that after only six days of April we already have £435 in the kitty - hopefully we can not only reach the target this time, but cancel out that remaining £100 from February. There have been 25 individual contributions in those first six days - all but one by bank transfer or standing order, with just one comrade using PayPal.

Top of the list is Irish comrade AM, who donated an excellent £65, while AC chipped in with £60. Then there were FK (£35) and CG (£30), who both came up with their usual monthly payments, while the remaining 21 contributions were for between £5 and £20. Thanks very much to all of you - with a special mention for GB, who made two donations of a tenner.

Changing the subject, many subscribers have remarked on the interesting stamps that appear on their envelope each week. But I’m sorry to say that very soon that will no longer be the case, as those old stamps will no longer be valid and we intend to switch to franking by the end of the year. That will save us money in the long run, but the change will cost us money in terms of immediate requirements.

That’s why I’m hoping our readers and supporters will continue backing the Weekly Worker by contributing even more generously to our monthly fighting fund!

Robbie Rix