Don’t let up

As I predicted last week, over the last seven days we’ve seen an excellent boost to the Weekly Worker fighting fund.

With only £827 raised towards our monthly £2,250 target on November 15, we were looking to be in real trouble. But, as I pointed out, the third week of the month is always the best because of those really generous standing orders that come our way then.

And November has been no exception - there were no fewer than four three-figure donations (thanks go to comrades SK, KB, PM and GB). Then there were less substantial, but nevertheless really useful, contributions from MM (£75), TR (£40), DR (£20) and SS (£15).

But that’s it. Most unusually there were no donations via PayPal, cheque or cash - all the above were banks transfers of one kind or another (including those standing orders). Not to worry though: what we did get amounted to a fantastic £736, taking our running total for November up to £1,563.

But that means we still need another £687, with just one week and one day remaining. So, comrades, please don’t let up - help us get there. There’s still time to send us a cheque or hand some cash to one of our comrades, but better still would be PayPal or bank transfer. To do either, go to our website (details below).

The Weekly Worker relies entirely on our supporters, who almost always come up with the goods. Please make sure in the last eight days of the month that November is no exception.