Foot down

Robbie Rix wants you to take the wheel and step on the gas

Perhaps I’m a born worrier, but I have to say that the progress of our first fighting fund of 2017 is not exactly filling me with confidence.

Last week we received a below-average £307, leaving our running total way behind on £719. Which means that we still need over a grand to reach our £1,750 target with just 12 days left to go before the end of the month. Well, I know our readers and supporters rarely let us down, but this time they really need to come up with the goods!

Some fine examples of that did come our way in the form of standing orders - from MM (£75), TB (£50), TR (£40) and KB (£20). Then there was a handy £50 cheque from CF, plus two PayPal donations - from WN (£25) and DB (£7). They were among 2,911 online readers last week, by the way. Finally two comrades made a cash donation - PB came up with £30 at last Sunday’s London Communist Forum, while BB’s £10 note came from rather farther afield: she handed it to our editor on his recent visit to Cape Town!

But now we really need to put our foot down - we still need £1,031 by January 31. Please don’t let us down, comrades.