Can’t be beaten

“The Weekly Worker can’t be beaten for its coverage of the Labour Party,” writes comrade LC. “It should be read much more widely.” He adds: “It just goes to show what could be achieved if the Labour Party had its own press - maybe then Corbyn wouldn’t feel the need to retreat quite so much!”

Just to show that he means it, LC added an extra £20 to his resubscription cheque - thanks, comrade. But CG was even more generous - the cheque he handed to our editor at last Sunday’s London Communist Forum was for £50. He was just about to undergo two separate operations and was slightly concerned he wouldn’t see us for a while. Here’s to a speedy recovery, comrade!

There were three PayPal donations - a handy £25 from LG, the usual monthly £7 from DB and £5 from a comrade with the same initials. Admittedly DB number two originally made this donation by mistake - he had taken out an annual PayPal subscription and forgot to cancel his previous monthly payment. But, when this was pointed out, he was only too pleased to let us keep it!

On top of this we got five standing orders totalling £140 - thanks to AN (£50), NH (£30), GD and DV (£25) and SM (£10). All in all, we received £247 over the last seven days, taking our running total to £697.

Well, we’re just a bit below par, but not too far, so let’s hope one or two really generous donations come our way over the next couple of weeks.

Robbie Rix