Speed things up

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

Unfortunately we’re lagging rather behind where we need to be if we’re going to make that £2,250 fighting fund target for June.

With exactly half the month gone as I write, we have only £744 in the kitty - more like a third of what we need to raise. True, it’s that time of the month where standing orders are few and far between, but, even so, we do need to put on a bit of a spurt in the second 15 days.

There was one excellent standing order - from comrade PB, who chipped in with her usual £60, and there were also SOs from GS (£20), CC (£10) and JL (£7). On top of that we had three brilliant PayPal donations from regular supporters SB, RL and PM, who each contributed no less than £50. But I’m afraid that only comes to £247 over the last seven days, so now we really do need to speed things up.

As if by way of example, new Weekly Worker subscriber RS has set up a monthly payment for £20 - way over the subscription fee, of course. He writes: “About time I did this. Reading you online is all well and good, but I think I want to get a copy of the best paper on the left in my hands!”

That’s much appreciated, comrade, but now we urgently need others to follow suit - especially as we have to raise another £1,556 in just a fortnight! As comrade RS says, it’s “my way of showing my appreciation”.

If you want to do the same, please send us a cheque, click on the PayPal button on our website or - better still - make a bank transfer (‘Weekly Worker’, 00744310, sort code 30-99-64).

Robbie Rix