Up and running

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

After our two-week summer break, there’s good news for the Weekly Worker. Not only are we back up and running, but we easily made the £2,000 fighting fund target for August.

Of course, the fact that we already had well over £1,000 in the kitty after the first one and a half weeks made things a bit easier, but, despite that, a good number of comrades did their bit since then and we ended the month with an excellent £2,199. Brilliant!

Several comrades made a bank transfer and these, added to the usual standing orders, amounted to no less than £845. Let me mention in particular the following: MM (£75), PB (£60), GB and JT (£50 each) and TR (£40). Added to which we received another £180 via PayPal - thanks in particular go to comrades LC, DB and IW, who each transferred £50!

Talking of IW, he writes: “I just wanted to give you something back. Don’t spend it all at once!” We won’t, comrade, I promise! Anyway, as I say, the extra £1,025 that came our way since August 12 helped us exceed the target by just short of £200, which is really a good cause for optimism.

And, as I write, we’ve completed the first day of our September fighting fund and already 12 comrades have chipped in. First we have the batch of standing orders that land in our account on the first of each month - thanks go to EW (£40), ST (£30) and MS (£20), together with the more modest, but still very useful, contributions from AN, MM, BG, PBS and TM. Added to which there were PayPal donations from MT, DI, YM and MD. So we start the month with £190 after just one day!

But I do have to apologise to any comrades who sent us a cheque - our office has only just reopened, which has meant a delay in processing our mail. But don’t worry - I’ll let you know next week, when I hope to report on more good progress towards that £2K target for September.

Robbie Rix