Up your game

As I predicted in the last issue of the Weekly Worker, our fighting fund running total shot up this week - the third week of the month is when we receive those substantial standing orders.

And I’m pleased to say that March has proved to be no exception, with no less than four three-figure donations coming our way. The usual thanks go to GB, KB, PM and SK.

On top of that we received the following SOs/bank transfers: £75 from MM, £40 (TR), £24 (OG), £20 (from both GS and DR), £15 (SS) and £12 (SA). Finally MZ from Italy made his usual monthly £20 contribution via PayPal.

Well, all that came to £782 - not bad for just seven days! And it took the running total for March up to £1,834 towards our £2,250 target. In other words, we need another £416, with, as I write, 11 days still remaining.

That’s easily within reach then, but I’ll tell you what - it would really help if we could go shooting well past that target. Over recent weeks I’ve been reporting the increased costs we’re now facing - and we still haven’t got a regular replacement printer.

Either way, we definitely have to raise more money - which is where our readers and supporters come in! Please up your game if you possibly can!.

Our bank account details are
name: Weekly Worker
sort code: 30-99-64
account number: 00744310

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