£399 needed in three days

Robbie Rix is starting to panic

The last week has been a disappointing one as far as our fighting fund is concerned. A mere £167 came in towards our £1,750 monthly target, which means that our running total stands at a less than brilliant £1,351. That, in turn, means that we need exactly £399 by 9am on Monday February 1.

Comrades CL and WK played their part, with cheques for £25 and £20 respectively, while JS (£30) and PM (£5) took advantage of our PayPal facility. In addition, £87 came in via regular standing orders, But the truth is we need a big last-minute acceleration to make sure we get what we need by the end of the month.

Let me focus in particular on all those online readers of the Weekly Worker. Last week there were 2,975 of them, but only the two mentioned above clicked on the PayPal button. Of course, if you send us a cheque or postal order, it will be too late for January’s fund, but, apart from PayPal, there is another speedy way to get us the cash. I’m referring, of course, to those comrades who have an online bank account. Make a transfer to the Weekly Worker (account number 00744310; sort code 30-99-64) and it will land our end in seconds!

I really hope that enough of you will do that. Put it this way: if a mere one percent of our web readers transferred £13.50, we would have a fiver to spare! But we can’t count on as many as 30 comrades doing that, so please make it a bit more! How about four £100 donations?!