Not complacent

With just under a week still to go, we are within touching distance of our newly increased fighting fund target for April.

In view of recent increases in postage and printing costs we decided to up that target from £1,750 to £2,000, starting from this month, and we already have £1,993, with six days still to go. I don’t think I’m being complacent when I assume that Weekly Worker readers will come up with the £7 we still need by April 30!

The monthly standing orders we received over the last seven days amounted to £390 - thank you, comrades TB, PM, SK and PM. Then there was the £20 bank transfer from GB, with the single-word message - “contribution”. One that is very much appreciated.

On top of that we received a £25 cheque from RC, who writes: “Thanks for publishing Amanda MacLean’s article on ‘genderist ideology’ - it made me think.” And finally there were two PayPal donations - £10 from KC and £6.20 (!) from TT. Don’t ask me what the extra 20p is for!

What gave us a boost this month was, of course, the response of readers to my appeal for extra regular donations, and this week comrade PG has sent us a standing order authority for £20 a quarter. Thanks to him and to others previously mentioned who have committed themselves to making such a regular payment. Mind you, if we don’t want this month’s success to be one-off, we could do with quite a few more standing orders.

Any offers?

Robbie Rix