Imperialism & War

Grounds for optimism

03 Feb 2011

Israeli socialist Moshé Machover talks to Mark Fischer about the implications of the uprising in Egypt for the whole region

No solutions on offer

11 Jul 2024

Masoud Pezeshkian was elected on a wave of unenthusiasm. Yassamine Mather looks at the challenges facing the new president

Counting the dead

11 Jul 2024

As the genocidal assault on the Palestinian population of Gaza continues, Israel is doing its damnedest to downplay the death toll. But, says, Ian Spencer, if anything, the figures issued by the Gaza health ministry are an underestimate

Denialism in the circles of hell

04 Jul 2024

America has armed, financed and diplomatically supported Israel throughout the Gaza war. That makes it complicit in genocide, argues Paul Demarty. Yet, as the death toll remorselessly rises, the House of Representatives votes to deny the evidence

Searching for solutions

04 Jul 2024

One-state, two-state, federal one-state ‘solutions’ - all constitute a danger when it comes to navigating the way out of the hell that imperialism and Zionist settler-colonialism has created. Jack Conrad presents the communist alternative to economistic Zionism, PLO capitulation and the dead-end of Hamas tailism

Minimum programme again

27 Jun 2024

To achieve the global transition to communism the working class must first conquer state power - that requires the minimum programme of economic - but crucially political - demands. Mike Macnair responds to Andrew Northall, Gerry Downing and Steve Freeman

Fissures and fusions

27 Jun 2024

Mainstream parties feign outrage over Nigel Farage’s Trumpite comments about the west provoking Russia’s invasion of Ukraine - even though he is essentially correct, writes Eddie Ford

Free at last!

27 Jun 2024

He exposed US war crimes, dissed the global hegemon and faced life imprisonment. Sir Keir Starmer did nothing to help him. On the contrary, there was complicity with the Obama administration. Marcus Strom welcomes the release, but worries about the continued threat to free speech

Losing battle of ideas

20 Jun 2024

Neither money nor personality

20 Jun 2024

Carla Roberts reviews Alexei Sayle (narrator), Chris Reeves (director), Norman Thomas (writer) The big lie II - Starmer and the genocide Platform Films, 2024

Another Israel is possible

20 Jun 2024

What kind of solution is workable, is acceptable? Steve Freeman refuses to discount Hebrew workers as an agency for change. They can be won, he argues, to give up their national privileges in return for legal equality in a democratic, federal Israel-Palestine

Operation Imperial Overlord

13 Jun 2024

Rishi Sunak committed a ‘gaffe’ by leaving the D-Day celebrations before Joe Biden’s speech, it is claimed by an over-excited media. But, asks Mike Macnair, what was the military and strategic meaning of the Normandy landings?

Lining up to be president

06 Jun 2024

Iran’s Islamic regime will ensure that the right man is ‘elected’ to replace Ibrahim Raisi. Yassamine Mather reports on what is for the moment a crowded field of candidates

Not a zero-sum game

30 May 2024

Capitalist solutions are no solution. Moshé Machover argues that only a regional socialist ferment can win Jewish-Israeli workers away from Zionism and the politics of national privilege

Playing word games

30 May 2024

‘It’s only genocide when we say so’ - Daniel Lazare contrasts US grandstanding over Serbia and Xinjiang with its complicity in Israel’s war crimes in Gaza

Your next president will be

23 May 2024

Winning in June depends on who the supreme leader favours. Yassamine Mather also says that being elected president can amount to a poisoned chalice

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