Not fooling around

Hitting the target is no longer enough for Robbie Rix

As we enter the very last day of our May fighting fund, we have just crept over the £1,750 finishing line, thanks to a last-minute bank transfer from comrade SD.

He writes: “You say we need to put our money where our mouth is, so now I have.” And a quick look at the Weekly Worker’s online statement proved he wasn’t fooling around - a brilliant £100! Apart from that though, all I had to crow about was four standing orders - from JT (£50), GT (£15), SS and RL (£10 each). But not to worry - the below-par weekly total of £185 was enough to get us there with £29 to spare, as the running total now stands at £1,779.

We could well get a little higher yet, if more donations come in over the last few hours of May, but the main thing now is to try and ensure that we keep making our target - in particular our target for June’s fighting fund, which is just about to start. We rely entirely on the support of our readers, as well as our small team of volunteers, to produce this paper every week.

And the fact that we keep on getting there lets us know that our efforts are appreciated.