Brexit Day deadline

With just two days to go before the end of our first fighting fund of 2020, we are tantalisingly close to reaching that £2,000 target. Thanks to the £220 received over the last week, our total for January stands at £1,979. In other words, another £21 needed, comrades, by January 31.

As usual, the largest part of what we got this week came in the shape of standing orders. Thank you, DG (£60), JT (£50), SS and GT (£15 each), PM and AR (£10). Talking of AR, as usual we received his regular £5 PayPal donation, to go with his standing order, while MD (£15) also clicked on that PayPal button. Finally RC added £40 to her subscription cheque, to leave us within touching distance of our target.

But, of course, that doesn’t cover what I mentioned last week - the small matter of that £127 shortfall for 2019, which I was hoping would have come our way by now. But we can still do it. You’ve got until the end of Brexit Day (!) to help us reach that combined total of £148.

So you need to hurry. Please make your last-minute donations by PayPal or, better still, by bank transfer - that way, there are no fees deducted. Our account number is 00744310 (sort code 30-99-64). I would really love to end the first fighting fund of the year on a very bright note. Will you help me out?

Robbie Rix