You can do it

As we’ve been reporting in this column over the last couple of weeks, we’ve had to change our printers, but unfortunately we still haven’t yet agreed a firm deal. In the meantime, we’re using the same printers as last week, but, of course, we’re not yet in a position to say what this will mean in terms of our subscription prices or this fighting fund.

Suffice to say, our printing costs have risen by around a third. A whacking increase. But right now we’re still aiming to make that monthly £2,250 target … but very much hoping for a healthy surplus.

This week we received a very handy £464. January’s running total now stands at £1,416. In other words, we need just under £800 to see us home over the next fortnight to meet our existing target.

And we did get some really useful contributions - not least comrade KB’s magnificent £170! Then there was MM’s £75 standing order plus two £50 PayPal donations - thank you, comrades PM and RL. Other bank transfers/standing orders came from TR (£40), OG (£24), GS (£20), SS (£15) and CC (£10). And finally there was another PayPal gift that came our way in the shape of £10 from one of our readers in Italy, comrade MZ.

Things are definitely looking good in terms of January’s target, but let’s not take anything for granted! Please help us make sure we get there by bank transfer or PayPal (see account details below) or by sending us a cheque - yes, we still take those!

We need your support every week and we know you can do it l

Robbie Rix