Has the quiet man had a change of heart?

Thanks mainly to some more than useful standing orders, our September fighting fund has been boosted by £552, taking our running total up to £1,272. Since the monthly target is £1,750, we now have 10 days left to raise the remaining £478.

Those standing orders, from just six comrades this week, totalled a brilliant £495 - thank you, comrades BK, TR, MM, DG, KB and TB, for your commitment to our paper.

In addition, comrades MN (£25) and TV (£10) clicked on our PayPal button, while comrade LR added £20 to her subscription cheque. She writes: “I’ve been meaning to donate for some time, but, now I’ve decided to take the paper each week, how could I miss the opportunity?” Like so many others, she has been particularly pleased by our coverage of the fake ‘anti-Semitism’ campaign directed against Jeremy Corbyn.

Finally there is another cheque that’s worth a mention. It came without any covering note and was for just £2. But what was notable about it was the sender’s initials - IDS. Personally I don’t think it’s that IDS - surely he could have spared more than a couple of quid? And I don’t think his politics are quite the same as ours in any case. Anyway, having puzzled over this, I decided to look at the name on the cheque for myself. No surprise - it wasn’t from the former Tory leader!

If we ever do get a donation from such an unlikely figure, I promise to let you know. But, in the meantime, please do your best to help get us over the line by September 30.