Easing worries

Last week I was hoping we would not just make our £1,750 October fighting fund target, but edge towards 2K - that would provide a bit of extra financial security for the last couple of months of 2018. Well, not only have we edged towards £2,000: we have already exceeded it - with the best part of a week still to go!

Pride of place this week goes to LP, a South African comrade who has long appreciated the Weekly Worker. Not having donated anything for a while, he more than made amends with his bank transfer for no less than £250! What can you say?

But he wasn’t the only one to be so generous - comrade SK, a more regular donor, transferred £230, while there were standing orders from PM (£100), TB (£50) and PM (£10). Meanwhile, comrade PS added £40 to his annual subscription cheque, and MN clicked on our PayPal button to send £25 our way.

We actually received rather fewer donations than we normally get in a week, but we were well above average in terms of the amount: a fantastic £705, taking our running total to - wait for it - £2,056. And we still have six days to go.

All this comes as quite a contrast to what we normally experience - will we just make that crucial £1,750 or at least get somewhere near it? But it’s a welcome one, and it certainly helps ease my worries.

Robbie Rix