Now’s the time

As I wrote last week, I was a little “apprehensive” about the size of the deficit in our fighting fund, given that we had only raised £470 towards our February target of £1,750, with exactly half the month gone.

What a contrast with this week, when we got almost exactly twice the amount that came our way in the first two. To be precise, we received no less than £930 in just seven days! The main reason for that is - as regular readers will know - that our most generous donors seem to have chosen week three for their monthly standing orders.

Three of those SOs exceed £100 (thanks to KB, PM and SK), while there are also generous contributions from MM (£75), TB (£50) and TR (£40). In fact those standing orders alone accounted for £785 this week. In addition there were two £50 donations - while RG sent in a cheque for that amount, JC made a bank transfer, which was referenced “The shortest month”! Finally, three comrades clicked on that PayPal button - thanks go to VD (£25), MN and RS (£10 each).

So our running total now stands at exactly £1,400, with one week to go. In other words, the Weekly Worker still needs £350 if we’re going to make that target. Yes, I know we won’t be getting much by way of SOs, but what about all those regular readers who occasionally chip in with a few pounds? Now might be the time!

Robbie Rix