Help us get there

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

As expected, our fighting fund running total shot up in the third week of the month - that’s because it’s when a nice batch of monthly standing orders land in our account. As well as the fantastic three-figure contributions from SK, KB and PM, thanks go to MM (£75), TR (£40), GB (£25) and GS (£20).

There were also two PayPal donations from comrades EW (£50) and MD (£12), and all that came to no less than £722! So that takes our running total for April up to £1,287. However, we’re still well short of our £2,000 target and now there’s only just over a week to pick up the £713 we still need. On top of that, there’s the small matter of the £149 deficit in March!

Let me remind all our readers that we expect to be able to resume printing in a month or so (watch this space for when exactly!), which means that our costs will shoot back up. So we could really do with getting back on target and not having to worry about where all the money’s going to come from - especially as the extra expense of maintaining our office will come more forcefully into the picture then.

So please do your best to help us get there. We need at least the same amount as last week over the next seven days - this time with rather fewer standing orders to bank on. Please click on our PayPal button or - better still - make a bank transfer, which means there’s no charge for the payment. It’s sort code 30-99-64, account number 00744310.

Thanks very much for your continued support.

Robbie Rix