Extra pages

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

As I told you last week, we made our £2,000 fighting fund target for January with three days to spare. But, in those last three days another five comrades did their bit, adding £130 to the total. That means we ended the month with £2,183. Well done, everyone!

And thanks in particular to those five - JM (£60), LC (£50) and AR (£5), who clicked on that PayPal button on our website; and VP (£10) and that same AR (another £5), who both contributed by standing order. But let me quote comrade JM, whose £60 PayPal payment was sent as an annual subscription. When he was contacted by our editor, who reminded him we’re still not printing, he replied that he knew that: “However, I’ve been accessing the online versions for a couple of months and thought I should really put something towards it.” He did want to receive the printed Weekly Worker each week, but “until you begin paper copies again, any monies can be a donation”.

Brilliant, comrade. But in fact so many other subscribers are taking the same attitude: no, they aren’t being sent the paper, but they still want to continue their subscription - only a very small number have stopped their payments or asked for a refund.

Mind you, there has been one plus resulting from not printing: it has meant that we don’t have to stick to the usual 12 pages agreed with our printers. No doubt everyone has noticed that we now have extra pages almost every week, this issue being no exception. When we’re printing, we sometimes do a supplement, but usually the 12-page limit acts as a kind of discipline, and that will probably be the situation once again when we resume.

Anyway, back to the February fighting fund. Not a huge amount to start the month, I’m afraid. AC made a very handy £50 bank transfer, while another 10 comrades paid their usual monthly standing order, totalling £96. Which means we start the month with £146 in the kitty. Now let’s make sure we break through that £2K barrier once again!

Robbie Rix