I reported last week that, with just 24 hours to go, we still needed £136 to reach the £2,000 target for our October fighting fund. And the very next day comrade JS donated by bank transfer … £136! Brilliant stuff!

But he wasn’t the only one - comrades KC (£25) and VD (£10) both made use of our PayPal facility, while VP’s £10 standing order also landed in our account on October 31. All of which meant we exceeded the target by £45. Thanks very much to all who helped us get there once again.

And now we want to repeat that success in November, which has begun with £319 coming our way in the first six days. Most of that took the shape of those start of the month standing orders - 16 comrades contributed a total of £227, with donations ranging from £5 to £50 (thanks in particular to AC for that one). In this context I should mention comrade JS again, who made two more (rather more modest) transfers of £5 and £2 - but this time in payment for Weekly Worker sales.

Then there was comrade MF, who chipped in with his fantastic £50 monthly PayPal donation, while comrade PB handed over £45 in cash at Sunday’s London Communist Forum - taking the start of our November campaign up to £319. Unusually we received no cheques over the last seven days - do you think they’re going out of fashion?

Anyway, since a good part of this week’s total came in the first day, it didn’t count towards our November fund, so we are a bit behind the going rate, if we’re going to repeat last month’s success and reach that £2,000 target once again. Any offers?

Robbie Rix