For a fantastic 2018!

Our December fighting fund just reached our £1,750 target, with £24 to spare! Between the date of the last Weekly Worker of 2017 - December 21 - and the end of the year a total of £345 was received.

The star of the show was undoubtedly comrade KN, who sent us a cheque for £100, with the words, “Here’s to a fantastic 2018 - for the Weekly Worker as well as the working class!” There was another cheque (£25 from TB), while a total of £155 came in through standing orders. Special thanks go to PB and JT, who both forked out £50. Meanwhile JT paid £50 via PayPal, added to by a more modest £5 from JP.

All in all, we received £345 in the last 10 days of the year, taking our final fund for 2017 to £1,774.

As for 2018, in the first 10 days no fewer than 24 standing order donations - all within the range of £5-£30 - came our way. I will mention only the £30 donors: thank you, SW, AC, CG and HN. There was a single cheque - £50 from BT - and two PayPal donations (£15 from US donor PM and £10 from ET, who lives rather closer to home).

All that comes to £437 - not bad, but slightly behind the going rate, as a third of the month has already gone, so we really should be looking at nearer £600 by now. But after last year’s successes I’m confident we’ll make that £1,750 target yet again. Please make sure we do