Keep it up!

With, as I write, almost a exactly one quarter of the month gone, I can reveal that we are also pretty close to a quarter way to that £2,250 target for the Weekly Worker fighting fund!

Let’s start with those standing orders/bank transfers. First there was comrade AC with his excellent £100, followed by BO (£35), MM (£31), CG and NH (£30 each), RG, GD, NR and DV, who each came up with their usual £25, plus AM (£15), IS, SM, CP and LG (£10 each).

Then there is comrade SO, who has just set up a brilliant monthly PayPal donation of £50! He writes: “I am a fairly recent new reader of the Weekly Worker, but I have been impressed with the level of analysis” and the “pretty much constant debate going on in the letters pages”.

He adds: “Given the recent challenges with printing, etc, and the amount of use I have made of the WW/Leninist archives, it felt necessary to make a monthly contribution” to a paper and “its project”, which constitute “a vital intervention in the wider left”. It’s good to know the work we do is so much appreciated, comrade!

Other PayPal donors were SO (£50), GW and MH (£10) and KA (£5), while comrade Hassan handed his usual fiver to one of our team and another appreciative (but unnamed!) comrade gave our editor £3.

All that came to £454, taking our running total up to £580, with just eight days of the month gone. In other words, we are indeed on track, but we need to keep up the momentum and make sure we get there!

Our bank account details are
name: Weekly Worker
sort code: 30-99-64
account number: 00744310

To make a donation or set up
a regular payment visit