End-of-year break

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

Brilliant! A good number of subscribers have already responded to our call to take out a regular standing order - and be generous with it. Others have given solemn pledges. The first payment has just come through from comrade GS, whose additional £20 is most welcome.

While we await more new SOs, we have our much-valued stalwarts. For starters, there are the three comrades who each donate £50 at this exact time of the month - RL, MF and SB. You are our bedrock. And then there is US comrade PM and his regular £25. We really do appreciate such help - you embody the spirit of proletarian internationalism which we uphold, promote and fundamentally rely upon. Salute!

We also have comrade PB, whose generous monthly SO of £60 came our way; and, finally, how could I forget comrade Hassan, who handed yet another donation of five times the cover-price! All that comes to £260, taking our running total for December up to £774.

A slight problem though: exactly half the month is gone and we only have a third of the total we need (don’t forget, because of our increased costs, we’ve raised the monthly target to £2,250). Still, there are two positives to report: first, I’m expecting those additions via new (or increased) standing orders to land in our account before the end of December; and, secondly, we’re about to reach that part of the month where more than a few existing SOs come through.

One drawback: this issue is the last before our two-week end-of-the-year break, so you won’t have me prompting, nagging … and giving heartfelt thanks.

Despite Omicron - and the ‘don’t do what we do, do what we say’ Tory scum - here’s hoping you all have an enjoyable, refreshing and safe end-of-year break.

We’re back on January 6 2022!

Robbie Rix