Feel free!

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

There are two things that have really pleased us here at the Weekly Worker since we resumed printing two weeks ago: first, the surge in new subscribers, which means that we are already above pre-pandemic levels; and, second, the increase in the number of donations to our fighting fund.

Pride of place when it comes to the latter goes to comrade JC, who made a bank transfer for no less than £100! Then there were three standing orders from comrades KB, PB and TR, which totalled a fantastic £270. On top of that three comrades chose to donate exactly £50 by PayPal - thanks very much to RL, SB and MF. Finally US comrade PM came up with his usual £25, also via PayPal.

So that’s an extra £545 that came our way over the last week, taking our running total up to £1,247. But don’t forget that the monthly target is £2,000, so, as I write, we have exactly two weeks left to raise another £753. And, of course, it’s very important that we get there in June, precisely because our costs have shot up now we’re printing and posting again.

Of course, you’re more than welcome to read us online at no cost, but if you fancy getting the printed paper in your hands, you only have to pay £5 per month via PayPal for the privilege (just £4 if you set up a standing order via your bank account: it’s sort code 30-99-94; account number 00744310).

But a good proportion of our subscribers add more than a few pounds over and above those prices - in that way their initials get featured in this column! Feel free to join them!

Robbie Rix