Within reach

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

As usual, in April the third week of the month was the most rewarding for the Weekly Worker’s fighting fund - with a huge £792 coming our way over the last seven days. That takes our running total up to £1,722, which means we now need another £528 if we’re going to reach our £2,250 monthly target. Definitely within reach!

The biggest boost came in the shape of those three-figure monthly standing orders from comrades SK, KB and PM. But there were also excellent SOs or bank transfers from comrades GB and MM (£75), TR (£40), GS (£20), SS (£15) and JL (£7). (I should point out that a couple of those are newly set up or increased standing orders, following our editor’s recent appeal to subscribers.)

Finally there was £15 from what will now be a familiar name to readers - comrade Hassan - who handed a couple of notes to one of the Weekly Worker team.

By the way, as previously explained, very soon we will no longer be able to use those old stamps that subscribers are all too familiar with and from next month the envelopes in which the paper is sent will be franked instead. Nothing for the children to fight over, admittedly, but perhaps a little more efficient in the long run!

Be that as it may, we definitely need to reach that £2,250 target each month, so please do your bit to help us raise the £528 we still need over the next nine days!

Robbie Rix