Arms twisted

Whether a load of sweaty blokes in Brazil appeals or not, Robbie Rix needs your help

A few days ago some close Weekly Worker supporters came up with an idea to raise some much-needed cash for their favourite paper - a World Cup sweepstake. With 32 countries participating in the finals, it was just a question of getting their mates to sign up at £10 a throw to see who would draw the winning team. A nice £320 for the Weekly Worker - easy!

Well, within a few hours, £90 had already been received - only another £230 to collect before the tournament gets going then - it’s less than a day to go, as I write this. By the time you read it the first match could already be underway, so I hope they come up with the goods quickly. Watch this space next week to see if enough arms were twisted.

Mind you, our regular donors are still doing the necessary. Last week £80 came in from standing orders - thanks to RK (£10), DV (£20), ST (£15), GD (£25) and SM (£10). Then there was another £20 from a comrade who likes to contribute on a regular basis, NW, who prefers to use our PayPal facility (he was one of 9,332 on the Weekly Worker website last week, by the way).

Finally there were two cheques in the post - a brilliant £50 from CD and £20 from WA. All in all, that’s £270 to be added to our June fighting fund, taking the total so far to £531. But we need £1,500 by the end of the month, so we’re a bit behind where we need to be, with more than a third of June gone.

If you’d like to contribute, why not follow the example of those who are playing the sweepstake and transfer your donation directly to our account? The account number is 00744310 and the sort code is 30-99-64. Even if you hate football you can still support your paper!