A comrade in Australia has given the Weekly Worker’s fighting fund a big boost this week by setting up a regular payment of no less than £50 a month via PayPal! In reply to a query as to whether this was for a subscription, MF answered in the negative: no, it is a donation, “intended to express political support for what you are doing”.

Well, comrade, that is not only very generous, but acts as an inspiration to our team. It adds to the certainty that our work is not wasted - while our readership is tiny, compared to what we aspire to, we know that our paper is regarded as essential reading by thousands, including on the other side of the world! That is because of its consistent, clear message: in Britain, as in every country, there is an urgent need for principled Marxist unity within a single democratic-centralist party.

There was another £50 donation too - this time a one-off from comrade CT, who sent us a cheque, while KN added a handy £20 to her subscription payment. And there were seven standing-order payments - thanks go to AC (£50), FK (£35), CG and NH (£30), GD and DV (£25) and SM (£10).

All that amounted to £325, taking the running total so far in October to £467 after just nine days. But that is still a little behind where we ought to be - after all, we need £2,000 each and every month. Think what just a few more like MF could do, each adding £50 a month to our guaranteed income! 

Robbie Rix