Good start

Robbie Rix is optimistic that the target will be hit this month

I’m afraid we didn’t quite reach our £1,750 monthly fighting fund target for April. Despite some handy last-minute donations, we ended up £145 short, on £1,605.

The last three days of the month saw two cheques come our way - £30 from CD and £25 from KC. There were also two standing orders - thank you, JT (£50) and JM (£10) - and a £20 bank transfer from BV. Finally comrade TT made a £6 donation via PayPal.

But May’s fund has got off to a good start. As well as the usual bunch of standing orders - 19 of them, ranging from £5 to £30 and totalling £194 - OB added a generous £50 to her annual subscription. She writes: “You’re spot on with your criticisms of the left and their contradictions, especially when it comes to Labour.” Comrade GH also sent us a cheque for £20. Finally PM was another one who clicked on the PayPal button on our website - he was among the 2,868 online readers last week - and donated a useful £15.

All that takes our total for May to £279 after just three days. As I say, a good start, but can we build on that? We need to make the full £1,750 this month - not to mention an extra £145 to make up for the April shortfall.

Over to you!