Success at last!

Robbie Rix will show you what party means

Finally we have succeeded in raising the full amount needed for our monthly fighting fund - for the first time since we increased the target to £1,750 last autumn. And how appropriate that the success came at the very last moment for our April fund, on the morning of May Day!

I have to say that a very large part of the credit must go to comrade KC, who, responding to my appeal last week, transferred no less than £200 to the Weekly Worker from his online account. Then there was comrade DN, who handed over £25 in cash, also within an hour or so of the 12 noon deadline, plus PayPal donations from MM (£20), PM (£20) and TT (£5), and standing orders from RL (£10) and JC (£5).

All that comes to £285, taking our April total to £1,761. Phew!

And May’s fund has got off to a brisk start, thanks mainly to all those standing orders that we receive at the start of the month. There were 17 different SOs, ranging from £6 to £30 (two of the latter - thank you, CG and TB). I must also mention the £25 from BP, plus the £20 from DL, PW, PD, DG and SM.

Oh, and I almost forgot - I received a little book of 12 second-class stamps from OG in appreciation of an issue of the paper that somehow hadn’t been delivered first time round, but we sent again last week. More than useful, comrade.

Anyway, we start our May fund with £357 already in the kitty. Now let’s make sure we repeat April’s success!