£274 in two days

Robbie Rix is just overwhelmed.

“Unfortunately this may be my last donation for quite some time,” writes JH. He explains that his job is about to end and he is not sure when he will have work again. But the comrade is clear about his priorities: “Once I find employment again I shall resume donations,” he continues - and, in the meantime he sends us a cheque for no less than £55!

What can I say? ‘Thank you’ seems a bit insufficient, doesn’t it? Anyway, his was one of three cheques in this week’s post, the others being from RT (£20, added to his subscription) and BP (£25). Then there were three PayPal gifts - from GO (£20), GS (£10) and PM, a comrade in the US, who donated £5 (they were among 2,824 online readers last week).

As usual, though, the biggest slice of cash came in the shape of standing orders - thanks to SS, JM, GT, DS, JT, RC, PM and CC, whose regular donations ranged from £5 to £75.

All in all, quite a good week, which saw April’s fighting fund increase by £327. But we are still shy of our £1,750 target, which we need by 12 noon on Friday May 1. We need £274 in two days! Please use our PayPal facility or transfer your donation using your online bank account.

Robbie Rix