Boost my hopes

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

I am still hoping that, at the very least, we will be able to make up for the slight shortfall in November and exceed that £2,000 target for the last month of 2020, but I have to say that things are going quite sluggishly at the moment.

There was an excellent payment via PayPal of £60 from comrade JJ, who has been a regular donor in the past, and, on top of that, there were eight standing order payments - thanks to comrades AC (£50), GC and NH (£30 each), GD and DV (£25), LM (£15), and JK and SM (£10). All that comes to £255, taking our running total for December to £431.

But that means, with almost a third of the month gone, we are more than £200 behind the normal rate. Of course, as regular readers will know, we have not yet reached the time of the month where a handy batch of sizable standing order contributions comes our way, so I haven’t yet got my head in my hands. But there’s nothing like a few unexpected donations to a boost my hopes.

One such boost has in fact come my way in the shape of a new £25 monthly standing order from HJ, even though it won’t start until January. He writes: “I’ve been a bit short recently, but I reckon I’ll be a bit better off next year and I really want to do my bit for your paper. Keep up the good work!”

Thanks very much, comrade - you’re going to help get 2021 off to a good start. But in the meantime what about 2020? As I speak, we still need £1,569, with three weeks to go. If you want to help us out, please post us a cheque, click on that PayPal button or make a bank transfer (sort code 30-99-64; account number 00744310).

You can do it!

Robbie Rix