Stamp of approval

Stamps collectors! Unite and support your favourite paper, says Robbie Rix

“Thank you for a publication that continues to challenge, stimulate and inspire,” writes comrade RT. In fact, “My week would be much duller without it,” he adds. And, just to prove that he really means it, he added a handsome £70 to his £30 resubscription. Mind you, RT confesses that he appreciates the stamps on the envelope almost as much as what’s inside it!

And he wasn’t the only one who sent us a cheque. GK added £20 to his subscription, while HJ didn’t need any excuse to post us £50 - like RT, he appreciates the Weekly Worker and wants more of it. Then there were three PayPal donations - from UT (£40), SD (£25) and LU (£10). Not to mention a batch of standing order contributions totalling £267, including from SK, DT and DC.

All that adds up to a useful £482 - the sort of cash we could do with every week to reach our £1,750 monthly fighting fund target. It takes February’s total up to £1,355, but that still leaves us needing another £400 in as many days! Please use PayPal or bank transfer to make sure we get it.

Among the standing orders received, by the way, are two new ones - from GJ and DW. And MD has emailed to say we’ll be receiving his first monthly £15 payment on March 1. That’s what we like to hear. Any more new standing order donors out there?

Robbie Rix