Up and running?

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

Last week saw another £325 donated to our fighting fund, taking the running total after the first eight days of July to £467. Our monthly target is, of course, £2,000, so we’re not that far behind the going rate.

Most of that £325 came in the shape of monthly standing orders - thanks go to AC (£50), FK (£35), CG and HN (£30), DV and GD (£25), II (£20), JK and SM (£10). On top of that DT made a £10 bank transfer, while TB (£60) and MM (£20) clicked on that PayPal button.

As I’ve pointed out several times, what’s remarkable is the fact that not only are our regular donors still contributing, but overwhelmingly our subscribers are still maintaining their payments, despite the fact that they aren’t getting what they’re paying for - I’m obviously talking about the printed version of the Weekly Worker! Of course, they know that their annual or six-month subscriptions will be automatically extended, once we resume printing, but no-one at all has asked for a refund instead.

As for those readers who subscribe by standing order, including monthly PayPal instalments, only two or three have cancelled them. In fact we’re still getting a few new subscribers - when we remind them that we’re still not printing, they usually ask for what they’ve paid to be credited towards future copies, rather than wanting a refund.

So how long will they have to wait? All we can say is we’re looking at the situation very carefully. Unlike Boris Johnson and his gang, we’re not prepared to jump the gun by prematurely easing self-imposed restrictions, with the possibility of exposing our comrades to unnecessary risks. But we are hoping that, all things being equal, it’ll be weeks, not months, before we’re up and running again.

Watch this space! 

Robbie Rix