Fighting fund

Lost time - Robbie Rix reports:

We are quite a way behind where we ought to be, if we want to reach our £2,000 fighting fund target for June - not to mention make up for the deficit of £122 we were left with in May.

With exactly one third of the month gone, we have just £438 in the kitty, meaning we’re lagging behind the going rate by £229 - which will translate into a much bigger deficit of almost £700, unless we see a big acceleration over the next 20 days.

Of course, the lockdown has meant that donations in cash and even cheques by post are more difficult to come by, but there is, of course, that PayPal link on our website and - better still, because there’s no charge - bank transfers, including standing orders. But this week we didn’t get any PayPal donations, which left us with just seven SOs and only one other transfer.

Standing orders first: thanks go to CG and NH (£30 each), FV and GF (£25), LM (£15), and JK and SM (£10). In other words, we got £145 from that source. Then there was MF’s bank transfer of £22, which all adds up to an extra £167 for the last seven days.

Mind you, we are gaining extra income, because, as I’ve reported several times, virtually no-one is cancelling their monthly subscription payments, despite not receiving a printed copy of the Weekly Worker. But we’re not counting any of that as donations at this time, because everyone will have the option of extending their subscription without payment, once we resume printing. In other words, for the moment we’re treating all monthly and quarterly subs as payments in advance, unless we’re told otherwise.

But all that’s for the future - hopefully one that’s not too far away, once we beat the pandemic. Right now, though, we need to make up for lost time. So who’d like to help?

Robbie Rix